Cylindrical boring bit FAMAG 1664 TCT Bormax³ Prima

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1664 cylindrical boring bit is a high-quality and versatile tool for precise drilling in wood and plastics. It features carbide-tipped cutting edges for durability and can handle hard and coated materials. The package includes an exchangeable center point, a 4mm pre-drill bit, and an allen key. Suitable for deep hole drilling with extension shanks.


TCT Bormax³ prima with exchangeable centre point and pre-drill bit. The two carbide tipped main cutting edges ensure a maximum service life also in hard and coated materials. Included in the delivery: exchangeable centre point, pre-drill bit Ø 4 mm and one allen key. Hexagonal shank for a better power transfer. Clean drilling at many angles in all wood materials like European and exotic hard wood (also Bongossi), MDF, coated and uncoated chipboards, as well as many plastics, such as acrylic glass, Corian®, GFRP, HPL coating, polycarbonate, PVC and Trespa® board. In combination with extension shanks product line 1639 perfectly suitable for drilling deep holes.

The cylindrical boring bit FAMAG 1664 is a high-quality drilling tool designed for precision and efficiency. It features a durable construction and a range of features that make it suitable for various applications.

Cylindrical boring bit FAMAG 1664

The FAMAG 1664 cylindrical boring bit is equipped with a carbide-tipped cutting edge, ensuring excellent performance and an extended service life. This feature allows the bit to handle hard and coated materials with ease, providing clean and accurate drilling results.

Included in the delivery of the FAMAG 1664 bit are additional accessories that enhance its versatility. It comes with an exchangeable center point and a pre-drill bit with a diameter of 4 mm, allowing for precise positioning and preparation before drilling. The package also includes an allen key for convenient tool adjustments.

The bit’s hexagonal shank is designed to provide optimal power transfer during operation. This feature ensures efficient drilling and minimizes the risk of slippage, allowing for a smooth and controlled drilling process.

The FAMAG 1664 cylindrical boring bit is specifically designed for drilling in various wood materials, including European and exotic hardwoods like Bongossi, as well as MDF, coated and uncoated chipboards. Additionally, it is suitable for drilling many types of plastics, such as acrylic glass, Corian®, GFRP, HPL coating, polycarbonate, PVC, and Trespa® board.

For applications that require drilling deep holes, the FAMAG 1664 bit can be combined with extension shanks from the product line 1639. This combination allows for precise and efficient drilling even in hard-to-reach areas.

FAMAG 1664 cylindrical boring bit is an excellent tool that offers clean drilling at various angles in a wide range of wood materials and plastics. Its durable construction, exchangeable center point, and pre-drill bit, along with the hexagonal shank for improved power transfer, make it a reliable choice for professional and DIY woodworking projects.

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