2601 Power torque multiplier up to 10000 Nm, compact, durable construction

SKU: 2601

Specially hardened gear wheels
Permanent internal greasing
Sliding bearings on drive side and power take-off side
Exchangeable drive heads
Matt chrome-plated /phosphated surfaces


Planetary gear (1-, 2- or 3-stepped)
Overload protection (one additional sun wheel with overload cutout is included)
Torque multipliers 2601-3 until 2601-6 are all fitted with a return stop
Bi-directional actuation
Highest torque, high accuracy better than +-5% tolerance
In waterproof case
Attention, only for mechanical actuation!

Chân tì phản lực của bộ nhân lực momen 2601


  • For clockwise and anticlockwise use
  • No extremely long levers required any more
  • Uniform transmission of forces protects nuts and bolts
  • Reduced risk of personal injury
  • Low weight
  • No external power supply required
  • Guaranteed accuracy: ±5%
  • Long-term accuracy
  • Low-maintenance construction
  • Good value for money
  • Ideal in conjunction ELORA torque wrenches
  • A range of supports available
  SKU Price Add Momen NmĐầu vuông cáiĐầu vuông đựcTỷ số truyền của bánh răngOveral lengh
  2601-1 Price on request
15001/2 inch1 inch4:1150mm
  2601-2 Price on request
15003/4 inch1 inch4:1150mm
  2601-3 Price on request
3500 Nm3/4 inch1 inch16:1200mm
  2601-4 Price on request
4500 Nm3/4 inch1.1/2 inch20:1215mm
  2601-5 Price on request
7000 Nm3/4 inch1.1/2 inch59:1272mm
  2601-6 Price on request
100003/4 inch1.1/2 inch74:1272mm
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