BESSEY LMU light duty bar clamp U‑style, clamping force 1,500N

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BESSEY LMU Light Duty Bar Clamp U-Style offers up to 1,500 N clamping force, features step-over clamping for hard-to-reach areas, and has a durable, lightweight design with protective caps for delicate workpieces.


BESSEY LMU Light Duty Bar Clamp U-Style is a compact, user-friendly tool designed for a variety of clamping tasks, delivering up to 1,500 N of clamping force. Its innovative design includes a step-over clamping feature facilitated by the U-shaped rail, allowing access to hard-to-reach areas by stepping over obstructions up to 20 mm high. This capability makes the LMU particularly useful for intricate or awkward clamping situations.

Constructed from high-quality materials for durability and strength, the LMU features a rail made from single-piece drawn quality steel. The sliding arm, made of die-cast zinc, combines lightness with stability and break resistance, ensuring the tool’s longevity and reliability.

Equipped with protective caps, the LMU ensures sensitive workpieces are safeguarded during clamping, preventing damage while providing a secure hold. This gentle clamping mechanism is ideal for a range of applications, including interior fittings, DIY projects, furniture and joinery works, as well as kitchen construction and shop fitting.

BESSEY LMU light duty bar clamp U‑style

The LMU series comes in various sizes, with openings ranging from 100mm to 200mm, all featuring a consistent throat depth of 50mm and a light weight that enhances ease of handling and operation. These clamps are designed to be small and manageable, facilitating rapid and gentle clamping in diverse working conditions.

– Clamping Force: Up to 1,500 N
– Opening Range: 100mm to 200mm
– Throat Depth: 50mm
– Rail: 15×5 mm, made of single-piece drawn quality steel
– Weight: Ranges from 0.23 kg to 0.29 kg
– Rail Shape: U-shaped for step-over clamping up to 20 mm
– Sliding Arm: Die-cast zinc, light, stable, and break-resistant
– Protective Caps: Included for gentle clamping of sensitive workpieces
– Material: Lower section of zinc die-cast, galvanized; spindle with trapezoidal thread in rolled steel, galvanized
– Handle: Wood, with water-based paint
– Pressure Plate: Steel, cold pressed, galvanized
– Applications: Interior fittings, DIY, furniture and joinery, kitchen construction, shop fitting
– Maintenance: Regular cleaning with solvent, keep rail free of contaminants, clean and oil spindle and pressure plate regularly

For safety, the LMU clamp is intended for manual use without auxiliary tools and is not suited for lifting, pulling, or transporting. To maintain optimal performance and safety, regular maintenance is recommended. This includes cleaning the rail with solvent, keeping it free of grease, oil, or dried glue, and regularly cleaning and oiling both the spindle and the pressure plate.

Light duty bar clamp U‑style BESSEY LMU Light duty bar clamp U‑style BESSEY LMU Light duty bar clamp U‑style BESSEY LMU

With its thoughtful design and construction, the BESSEY LMU Light Duty Bar Clamp U-Style exemplifies BESSEY’s commitment to providing high-quality, innovative clamping solutions that meet the diverse needs of users across various industries.

SKU Add Opening jawThroat depthRail
100mm50mm15 x 5mm
150mm50mm15 x 5mm
200mm50mm15 x 5mm
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