BESSEY VarioClippix XV spring clamp offers variable opening

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BESSEY VarioClippix XV spring clamp offers variable opening widths up to 100mm, featuring a lightweight, sturdy design with an ergonomic handle and protective caps for gentle clamping on sensitive workpieces.


BESSEY VarioClippix XV spring clamp combines lightweight design with exceptional durability, providing a versatile clamping solution that’s easy to handle. With a variable opening width of up to 100 mm, this clamp can be effortlessly operated with just one hand, making it a convenient tool for a wide range of tasks.

Key features of the VarioClippix XV include a swivelling clamping arm made from super polyamide, allowing for optimal adjustability and quick setting to the required width. This feature, along with its lightness, enhances the tool’s functionality and user-friendliness.

The ergonomic design of the two-component handle, incorporating soft material inserts, ensures a comfortable grip while offering increased slip resistance. This attention to ergonomics demonstrates BESSEY’s commitment to user comfort and efficiency.

Designed with protective caps, the clamp is particularly suited for handling sensitive workpieces, providing gentle, yet secure clamping. This design consideration makes it an excellent choice for projects requiring careful handling of materials to avoid damage.

BESSEY VarioClippix XV spring clamp

The VarioClippix XV is ideal for various applications including interior fittings, DIY projects, furniture and joinery works, as well as dry construction. Its flexible, feather-light clamping capability facilitates rapid, yet gentle, securing of workpieces, emphasizing the tool’s suitability for a wide range of clamping needs.

– Opening Width: Up to 100 mm
– Throat Depth: 37 mm (XV3-50) and 50 mm (XV5-100)
– Clamping Force: 80 N (XV3-50) and 120 N (XV5-100)
– Weight: 0.07 kg (XV3-50) and 0.17 kg (XV5-100)
– Material: Upper and lower sections made of reinforced PA6 plastic; spring made of spring steel
– Swivelling Clamping Arm: Made of super polyamide for quick, infinite adjustments
– Handle: Ergonomic two-component design with soft inserts for comfort and slip resistance
– Protective Caps: For all-round gentle clamping of sensitive workpieces
– Applications: Ideal for interior fittings, DIY, furniture and joinery works, and dry construction
– Safety: Manual operation recommended; not suitable for lifting, pulling, or transporting
– Maintenance: Clean with solvent; regular cleaning based on soiling degree recommended

Safety is a priority with the VarioClippix XV, as with all BESSEY clamping tools. It is emphasized that these tools should not be used for lifting, pulling, or transporting objects, and should be operated manually without auxiliary tools to prevent personal injuries or material damage. Users are also advised against modifying the clamping tools and are encouraged to use original spare parts when necessary.

Spring clamp VarioClippix XV

Constructed from reinforced PA6 plastic for both the upper and lower sections, and featuring a spring made of spring steel, the VarioClippix XV is built to last. Care instructions include regular cleaning of the rails with solvent and maintenance based on the degree of soiling, ensuring the tool remains in optimal condition for secure and efficient use.

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