Single Acting Cylinder BETEX, spring return, compact, short stroke.


Steel single acting cylinder, short stroke. All rams are single acting with spring return. Hard chromed piston. Rams inside roll-polished, outside blasted with black nitride finish. Bega Special Tools – BETEX Hydraulic.

Single Acting Cylinder BETEX NSCS, spring return, compact, short stroke. BETEX NSCS cylinders are a marvel of engineering, embodying both power and precision in a compact design. These cylinders are specifically designed for applications requiring short strokes and are ideal for tasks demanding high force in confined spaces. With a capacity range of 10 to 100 tons, they cater to a variety of industrial needs.
NSCS - Single Acting Cylinder BETEX, spring return, compact, short stroke.
The pistons in these cylinders are hard-chromed, providing exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion. This not only ensures a longer lifespan but also maintains the smooth operation of the cylinder over time. Additionally, the insides of the rams are roll-polished, a process that further enhances their durability and performance.

Single Acting Cylinder BETEX NSCS

All rams are single acting with spring return. Hard chromed piston. Rams inside roll-polished, outside blasted with black nitride finish. Each cylinder has a stroke length between 38 and 62 mm, which, although short, is sufficient for a multitude of tasks. The maximum working pressure of these cylinders is an impressive 700 bar, ensuring that they can handle even the most demanding jobs with ease.

Externally, these cylinders boast a robust construction. They are blasted and coated with black nitride, which not only gives them a sleek, professional appearance but also serves as a protective layer against corrosion and surface damage.

Model Capacity
Oil Cap.
Close hight
NSCS101 10 38 55 88 126 4100
NSCS201 20 45 127 98 143 5000
NSCS302 30 62 274 117 179 6800
NSCS502 50 60.5 429 122 182 10900
NSCS1002 100 58 830 141.5 199.5 22700

Each model comes equipped with a female coupler and a dust cap. This inclusion underscores the attention to detail in the design, ensuring that the cylinders remain clean and functional even in dusty or dirty environments. A notable feature of the BETEX NSCS cylinders is their single-acting mechanism with a spring return. This design simplifies operations by automatically retracting the piston once the pressure is released, thus enhancing efficiency and safety.

  • All rams are single acting with spring return
  • Pistons are hard chromed
  • Rams inside roll-polished
  • Exterior blasted with black nitride coating
  • Female coupler and dust cap included with all models

A practical tip for users of BETEX NSCS cylinders is to utilize them in combination with hand- and foot pumps and other accessories. This integration allows for a more versatile and efficient workflow, making the most of the cylinders’ capabilities in various applications.

BETEX NSCS cylinders, with their compact size, short stroke, and spring return, single-acting design, offer an optimal solution for a wide range of industrial tasks. Their robust construction and thoughtful features make them a reliable and efficient choice for professionals.

SKU Add CapactityClose hightOil capacity
10 tons88mm55ml
20 tons98mm127ml
30 tons117mm274ml
50 tấn112mm429ml
100 ton141.5mm830ml
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