Screwdriver ELORA 547-PH, according to DIN ISO 8764

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A precision tool designed for cross-slotted screws. It features a matt chrome-plated forged blade, through hardening for durability, gun metal-finished tip, non-slip QUATROLIT®-2C-handle, suspension hole. Made in Germany.


Screwdriver ELORA 547-PH is a highly useful tool in the industrial and repair sector, specifically designed for working with cross-slotted screws, where using the appropriate tool is crucial to avoid damaging the screw heads or rendering them ineffective.

Screwdriver ELORA 547-PH, according to DIN ISO 8764

The blade of the Screwdriver 547-PH is made from hardened steel and is crafted by compressing it into a high-quality mold. The use of hardened steel and this manufacturing process ensures the hardness and durability of the screwdriver blade. Additionally, the blade is coated with a matte chrome finish to enhance durability and corrosion resistance.

The screwdriver blade undergoes through hardening throughout, meaning it is resistant to wear and maintains its sharpness over an extended period. The tip of the screwdriver is finished with a gun metal-colored coating, improving its cutting ability and contact with the screw while adding an aesthetic touch.

Screwdriver ELORA 547-PH, according to DIN ISO 8764

The handle of the Screwdriver 547-PH is made from QUATROLIT®-2C material, known for its anti-slip properties. This ensures users have excellent control, especially in wet or oily working conditions. The product comes with a suspension hole, allowing users to easily hang it in their garage or toolshed, saving space and providing convenient access.

– For cross slotted screws
– Matt chrome plated forged blade
– Through hardened
– Tip gunmetal finished
– Nonslip QUATROLIT®-2C-handle
– With suspension hole
– PH0 = blade made of ELORA-Special steel 73MoV52 / 1.2381
– PH1-4 = blade made of ELORA Chrome Vanadium 59CrV4 / 1.2242
– According to DIN ISO 8764, tip according to DIN ISO 8764-1 PH

PH0 – Blade made of ELORA-Special Steel 73MoV52 / 1.2381, PH1-4 – Blade made of ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 59CrV4 / 1.2242: This provides information about the blade material for each version of the product. These blade materials are selected for their appropriate machining techniques and materials to ensure optimal performance when dealing with cross-slotted screws.

Complies with DIN ISO 8764 Standard and DIN ISO 8764-1 PH Tip Standard: The product adheres to DIN ISO standards for screws and tips, ensuring it meets high-quality and precision requirements.

Screwdriver 547-PH is a high-quality product, specially designed to meet the needs of both professional users and individuals when working with cross-slotted screws. This ensures effectiveness, durability, and safety during usage.

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547-PH 0
547-PH 1
547-PH 2
547-PH 3
547-PH 4
547-PH 1x300*
PH 1x300*300mm395mm
547-PH 2x300*
PH 2x300*300mm405mm
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