Reversible ratchet ELORA 1540-1D, square driver 1/4″ fine tooth

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Reversible Ratchet features a fine-tooth mechanism, compact head, safety locking, ergonomic QUATROLIT®-2C handle, chrome-plated finish, and Chrome-Vanadium construction. Made in Germany


ELORA 1540-1D Reversible Ratchet emerges as an epitome of precision engineering, a testament to the fine art of tool-making. In the realm of mechanics where detail and accuracy reign supreme, this tool stands out with its fine-tooth mechanism, boasting the smallest possible swivel angle of a mere 5°. This feature is not just a technical specification; it’s a beacon of control and precision, guiding the hands of those engaged in the most intricate of tasks.

Reversible ratchet ELORA 1540-1D

Envision a ratchet, not just any ratchet, but one that sports a slim, unassuming head. This is not by accident but by design. The ELORA 1540-1D is crafted to navigate the narrowest of spaces, to delve into the confines where traditional tools falter. It’s a nimble companion in the tightest of spots, making it a prized possession for tasks where space is not just limited but a luxury.

But the marvels of this reversible ratchet don’t end there. At its heart lies a gear wheel, armed with a safety locking mechanism and a quick-release button. These features aren’t just conveniences; they are guardians of efficiency and security, ensuring that the rhythm of work is never broken, that each movement is both safe and swift.

Reversible ratchet ELORA 1540-1D

The ratchet’s handle is a blend of ergonomics and durability, molded from the famed QUATROLIT®-2C material. It’s a handle that promises a firm, non-slip grip, reducing the strain on weary hands, allowing tasks to be completed with comfort and ease.

  • Fine-Tooth Mechanism: Minimal swivel angle of just 5° for precise control and accuracy.
  • Compact Head Design: Ideal for accessing tight and confined spaces.
  • Reversible Function: 1/4″ drive size with fine teeth for detailed work.
  • Safety Locking Mechanism: Enhanced with a quick-release button for secure and convenient operation.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Made from non-slip QUATROLIT®-2C material for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Matte Chrome-Plated Finish: Provides aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance.
  • Construction Material: Made from Chrome-Vanadium 31CrV3 / 1.2208 alloy for strength, durability, and wear resistance.
  • Standards Compliance: Male square conforms to DIN 3120-A 6.3 and ISO 1174 standards; includes a ball locking device as per DIN 3122 and ISO 3315.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of accessories and sockets.
  • Durable and Reliable: Designed for heavy usage and long-term high performance.

Adorned with a matt chrome-plated finish, the ratchet isn’t just a tool; it’s a piece of craftsmanship. This finish serves a dual purpose – it’s a shield against corrosion and a symbol of the tool’s enduring beauty. The Chrome-Vanadium 31CrV3 / 1.2208 alloy construction speaks volumes of its strength and resilience, ready to face the rigors of heavy usage while maintaining its high performance.

Compliance with standards like DIN 3120-A 6.3 and ISO 1174 through its male square, and the incorporation of a ball locking device as per DIN 3122 and ISO 3315, highlight its universal compatibility. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a key that unlocks a multitude of possibilities, fitting a wide array of accessories and sockets.

In the hands of a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, the ELORA 1540-1D Reversible Ratchet 1/4″ is more than a tool. It’s a partner in precision, a testament to ELORA’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance. It’s not just about turning bolts and nuts; it’s about upholding the highest standards in precision work, about making each turn count.

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Operation tools according to DIN 3122, ISO 3315
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