REC 220 Line receiver for accurately determining the beam position, 50m


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SKU: REC 220

For measurements over large distances – suitable for pulse-modulated line lasers

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Available on backorder

  • Laser receiver for accurately determining the beam position of pulse-modulated line lasers with red laser diodes – even over large distances outdoors or in bright indoor lighting.
  • Display on the front.
  • Visual display: graded symbols on the display indicate the position of the receiver relative to the reference plane of the laser.
  • Additional LED display for quick readings from any position.
  • Acoustic guidance can be activated with beeping tones for which the volume can be set.
  • Magnet on the rear enables positioning on metallic objects, e.g. on wall profiles, lateral or longitudinal supports.
  • One sensitivity level (± 1 mm).
  • Holder for attaching to levelling rods.
  • 2 integrated vials – facilitate the horizontal and vertical positioning of the receiver.
  • Battery status display.
  • Height of receiving area: 50 mm.
  • Operating life: 50 hours.
  • Protection class IP 67: waterproof and dustproof.


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