High‑performance clamp BESSEY SGM, clamping force up to 12,000N


The BESSEY SGM clamp offers up to 12,000 N clamping force with a 40 Nm torque, featuring an optimized rail for 20% more force per spin, heat-resistant, tiltable pressure plate, and durable, torsion-resistant design.


The BESSEY SGM high-performance clamp is an essential tool for professionals in metal construction and locksmith work, where high clamping force and reliability are crucial. This product offers a clamping force of up to 12,000 N with a tightening torque of 40 Nm, thanks to its optimized rail profile that delivers 20% more clamping force per spindle rotation. The advanced linear force transfer of the sliding arm ensures maximum safety under heavy loads.

High‑performance clamp BESSEY SGM, clamping force up to 12,000N

Durability is a key feature of the BESSEY SGM clamp, with its heat-resistant pressure plate that includes a sintered steel insert, which can be tilted up to 35°. This allows for clamping on angled or sloping surfaces, significantly extending the product’s lifespan due to the excellent sliding and emergency running properties of the oil-soaked sintered steel insert.

The clamp’s maximum stability is achieved through its optimized profile shape, which guarantees a quicker build-up of clamping force while maintaining high stability and safety. The fixed clamp is forged from a single piece with a molded pressure plate, hardened, tempered, and galvanized, making it highly durable and resistant to torsion.

Featuring a forged sliding arm with a shape designed for more efficient force transfer, the U-shaped sliding arm provides maximum security with the heaviest loads. The reliability of this component is something users can count on.

The special tilting pressure plate is heat-resistant and replaceable, capable of clamping on angled surfaces up to 35°. Its long service life is ensured by the oil-soaked sintered steel insert, which provides excellent sliding and emergency running properties.

The tempered spindle adds to the clamp’s robustness and wear resistance, significantly enhancing its durability. This clamp is ideal for use in metal construction and locksmith work, offering high-performance clamping capabilities.

High‑performance clamp BESSEY SGM

– Clamping force: Up to 12,000 N
– Tightening torque: 40 Nm
– Increased clamping force: 20% per spindle rotation
– Pressure plate: Heat-resistant, tiltable up to 35°
– Material: Hardened, tempered, and galvanized steel
– Spindle: Tempered, rolled steel with trapezoidal thread, phosphated
– Sliding arm: Forged, U-shaped for efficient force transfer
– Maximum safety with heavy loads
– Long lifespan with sintered steel insert in pressure plate
– Designed for metal construction and locksmith work

Safety instructions highlight that clamping tools should not be used for lifting, pulling, or transporting objects. They should be manually clamped without the use of auxiliary tools. Improper use can lead to personal injuries or material damage. It is advised never to alter or modify clamping tools and to use them in their original condition, opting for original spare parts when necessary.

High‑performance clamp BESSEY SGM, clamping force up to 12,000N High‑performance clamp BESSEY SGM, clamping force up to 12,000N

The BESSEY SGM clamp’s construction materials and surface treatments, including the tempered steel for both fixed and sliding brackets, galvanized finish, phosphated tempered rolled steel spindle with trapezoidal thread, and steel toggle, ensure a high-quality, durable, and reliable tool for demanding applications.

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