FLS 90 floor line laser, Exact 90° angle on the floor


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Laser functions: 1.
Laser class: 2.
Output: ‹ 1 mW.
Laser wavelength: 635 nm.
Made in Germany.


FLS 90 floor line laser, Exact 90° angle on the floor. When tiling – creating and transferring the layout of the tiles on the floor, laying the floor tiles. When fitting flooring and laying screed – checking the room for squareness

FLS 90 floor line laser

  • Handy floor line laser for layout work
  • The 90° angle on the floor allows particularly accurate and time-saving work directly on the laser lines
  • Switch on and get started straight away: the laser can be operated with one hand at the touch of a button
  • The STABILA floor line optics focus the laser lines and direct them along the floor surface
  • The technology, which is patented in many countries, ensures optimum visibility of the laser lines – razor-sharp up to 15 m.
  • Innovative dual-purpose base with positioning claws makes it easy to place on flat surfaces and on tiles Pulse-modulated laser lines for working with a STABILA line receiver – for exact measurements over large distances
  • The laser can be positioned in corners to check the squareness of a room – any irregularities are then immediately visible and can be taken into account during the layout work
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Belt pouch


Made in Germany


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