248- Series Round file, blade length 150-250mm, according to DIN 7261, shape F

SKU: 248-

With circumferential cut
2-component handle
According to DIN 7261, shape F
Made in Germany

Price from: $10.1$19.1
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248- Series Round file, blade length 150-250mm. Elora Germany

SKU Price Add Loại lưỡi giũaLength squareOveral lengh
248-1x150 $11.2
Second, Cut 2150mm240mm
248-1x200 $12.3
Second, Cut 2200 mm310mm
248-1x250 $15.7
Second, Cut 2250 mm360mm
248-2x150 $11.2
Smooth, Cut 3150mm240mm
248-2x200 $13.5
Smooth, Cut 3200 mm310mm
248-2x250 $15.7
Smooth, Cut 3250 mm360mm
248-3x150 $12.3
Bastard, Cut 1150mm240mm
248-3x200 $10.1 $13.5
Bastard, Cut 1200 mm310mm
248-3x250 $19.1
Bastard, Cut 1250 mm360mm
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