Water Pump Pliers Heavy Duty WPD Series, MCC – Made in Japan


Water pump pliers WPD series. Designed for heavy duty featured by tongue and groove design. The tools made of alloy steel allows you to use with extra pressure on handle.


Water pump pliers heavy duty WPD series or WPD pliers series are one of the indispensable tools in the mechanical industry. Produced by MCC Japan, these are made of Chrome Vanadium for high durability. The tools come in different sizes such as 10 inches and 12 inches with jaw opening of 45mm and 65mm respectively.

The water pump pliers WPD clamps and repairs water pipes, bolts or metal plates. The jaws can clamp anything that fits into them. The main jaw is concave to grip tightly when clamping round pipes or blanks. The teeth are hardened to ensure that the WPD grips firmly without slipping. The structure consists of two halves joined together by a bolt in the middle, with flexible and easy-to-open jaws. The handle is wrapped in a layer of plastic to make it comfortable to use. On the body, there is a raised model number WPD-250 or WPD-300 and the manufacturer’s name as well as place of production.

Water Pump Pliers Heavy Duty WPD Series

In particular, WPD water pump pliers differ from other models on the market in the sliding joint part. It consists of two halves that compensate for each other. The lower half is engraved with concave fishbone grooves, while the upper half is cast with a crescent-shaped convex curve. When the water pump pliers are closed, the convex part will slide into the concave groove to help maintain accurate position.

Model Size Jaw opening
mm (inch)
No. of Adjustment Adjustment Weight
mm inch
WPD-250 258 10 45 5 Tongue & Groove 0.35
WPD-300 315 12 65 7 Tongue & Groove 0.54

Heavy Duty & Longest Tool LifeLatest Tongue & Groove design and highest grade of Japanese alloy steel made a most heavy duty of this kind and allows you to use with extra pressure on handle.(Model WPD)



Caution: The vinyl grip on the handle is not insulated, be careful not to get an electric shock. Do not use the tool for anything other than its intended purpose.

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