Tri-Stand Pipe Vises VL-01 Capacity O.D 2 – 3 inch , MCC – Made in Japan

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Tri-Stand pipe vises VL-0100 and VL-0101 are genuine imported products from MCC Japan. The product is designed to clamp pipes with different diameters, with VL-0100 applicable to pipes up to Ø63mm in diameter and VL-0101 up to Ø90mm in diameter.



Tri-Stand Pipe Vises VL-01 Capacity Outer Dia from 2 to 3 inch. These products clamp pipes with different diameters with VL-0100 applicable to pipes up to Ø63mm in diameter and VL-0101 up to Ø90mm in diameter. When moving, users can remove and fold the base of the product. There is a slot for bending pipes. The V-clamp jaws are high-frequency hardened, and the teeth are anti-wear.

The Tri-Stand pipe vises VL-0100 product line features a base made of ductile iron and hard carbon steel jaws that is designed to raise the working position and hold it firmly. The body of the product is painted in a strong and sturdy red color. This product is commonly used in conjunction with pipe wrenches or chain wrenches.

The T-handle is made of steel with smooth thread. On the workbench of Tri-stand pipe vise VL-0100, there are 2 points for bending pipes with 2 different diameters. The product is made of steel and electrostatically painted.

When not using the Eto legs of Tri-stand pipe vises, you can remove them. It can still be mounted on a mechanical workbench. The manufacturer has designed 3 bolt holes for fixing to the floor and table top. There is a safety hook on the body. To ensure double safety, MCC also designs bolt holes for locking the clamp jaws to prevent them from slipping during operation.

Tri-Stand Pipe Vises VL-01

Reliable firm gripping anywhere you want

  • Light weight foldable tri-stand with Heavy Duty Pipe Vise of PV series provides firm gripping at any job site.
  • Easy to set up. Just open the legs and put the hook in.
  • 20% lighter. Short leg model is now available. Easy to carry by hand or on cart. Easy to put your weight on your wrench when using the vise.

The manufacturer packages the product according to their standards and disassembles the components. You can easily assemble them yourself using the instructions provided.

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