Torque wrench 2130-2160, push through square driver, Elora Germany

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Torque Wrench 2130-2160 offers a broad torque range from 2.5 to 2000 Nm, featuring a quad measurement scale, click-type operation, and bi-directional fixing capability. It meets industry standards, ensuring precision with a traceable declaration of conformance and a tripping accuracy of approximately +- 4%. Elora Germany.


The Torque Wrench 2130-2160 by Elora Germany is a highly versatile and reliable tool designed for precise torque applications. This torque wrench offers a wide torque range, spanning from 2.5 to 2000 Nm, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of tasks across various industries.

2160 click type torque wrench, push through square driver

One of the standout features of this torque wrench is its quad measurement scale. It allows users to work with torque values expressed in Nm, kgm, in-lb, and ft-lb. This versatility ensures compatibility with different measurement systems and simplifies tasks where varied units are used.

Torque wrench 2130-2160

The torque wrench operates as a click-type tool, providing a very noticeable and audible “click” signal when the preset torque value is reached. This tactile and auditory feedback ensures accuracy and precision in torque applications.

This torque wrench is designed for bi-directional fixing, allowing users to apply torque both clockwise and counterclockwise by simply turning the wrench. This flexibility makes it ideal for tasks requiring torque adjustments in both directions.

The torque wrench features an extra-solid, matt-chrome plated steel construction, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding working conditions. This robust build guarantees that the wrench can withstand tough and frequent use.

The torque wrench is adjustable and lockable using a crank and the top end of the handle, providing a secure and reliable means to set and maintain the desired torque values throughout the task.

It adheres to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 Part 1, Typ II Class A standards, which are internationally recognized for torque tools. This compliance assures users of its quality and performance.

Each torque wrench is accompanied by a traceable declaration of conformance, providing assurance of its adherence to industry standards and its reliability.

The wrench offers a tripping accuracy of approximately +- 4%, ensuring consistent and dependable torque applications, which is particularly crucial in tasks where precision is paramount.

In summary, the Torque Wrench 2130-2160 by Elora Germany is a versatile, robust, and precise tool designed to meet a wide range of torque application needs. Its quad measurement scale, click-type operation, bi-directional fixing capability, and compliance with industry standards make it an essential tool for professionals across various industries where accurate torque control is crucial for safe and efficient operations.

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