BESSEY D16L sheet metal shears, Precision and safety in metal cutting

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The BESSEY D16L sheet metal shears, featuring a straight or left-curving blade, can cut 1.2mm thick sheet steel. Measuring 240mm, this German-imported tool has a plastic-coated, non-slip handle with a safety hook and a lever-operated blade lock.


The BESSEY D16L sheet metal shears are designed with a straight or left-curving blade, capable of cutting through sheet steel up to 1.2mm thick, and have a total length of 240mm. This imported tool from Bessey – Germany features a two-component plastic-coated handle with a slip prevention guard towards the blade end. The handle is equipped with a safety hanging hook for use at heights and a blade lock is operated by a lever.

BESSEY D16L sheet metal shears, Precision and safety in metal cutting

Designed to meet the demands for precise and safe metal cutting, the BESSEY D16L is ideal for short, straight, and curved cuts, proving to be especially effective in the fields of interior finishing, mechanical construction, dry construction, and plumbing systems installation.

The shears’ robust design includes a hardened steel blade, a safety lock, and a high-quality ABS plastic-coated handle. It is user-friendly for both right and left-handed individuals, featuring ultra-fine serrated edges to prevent slipping during cutting.

BESSEY D16L sheet tetal shears, Precision and safety in metal cutting

Sheet metal shears BESSEY D16L

The D16L measures a total length of 240mm (approximately 9 1/2 inches), with a blade length of 40mm (about 1 9/16 inches). This size ensures flexibility and convenience in handling. The blade is designed to cut metals up to 1.2mm thick (with a hardness of 600 N/mm²), offering long-lasting durability (++ rating) and lightweight at only 0.38kg, facilitating easy operation over extended periods without fatigue.

Particularly, the BESSEY D16L’s blade is crafted with micro serrations to prevent slipping, enhancing precision and safety during use. In addition to the straight and left-curve versions, there is also a right-cut version available to cater to diverse user needs.

The tool’s head is made of cast steel, treated to increase durability and hardness. The handle comprises a two-component plastic with metal parts, providing a comfortable and firm grip. Connection parts are made of steel, available in galvanized or polished finish depending on specific requirements.

For safety, the BESSEY D16L should only be used for cutting soft, thin metals. It is not recommended for cutting metal shapes with cross sections such as wire or metal pipes. Users should avoid auxiliary tools and always wear protective glasses and gloves for safety. It’s important to work away from electrical sources to prevent electrocution risks and always cut away from the body.

  • Total length: 240mm (9 1/2 inches)
  • Blade length: 40mm (1 9/16 inches)
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 1.2mm (metal with 600 N/mm² hardness)
  • Durability rating: ++
  • Weight: 0.38kg
  • Shear head material: Heat-treated cast steel
  • Handle: Two-component plastic, metal part
  • Connections: Steel, galvanized/polished
  • Safety: Micro-serration for slip prevention, protective gear required
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and lubrication, screw adjustment as necessary.

For storage, place the shears in a visible location, handle pointing towards the user, and blade securely closed. Store cutting tools separately to protect both the blade and the user. Maintaining the blade’s sharpness is essential, as a dull tool can increase injury risk and require more force to cut.

Finally, to ensure long-term effectiveness, users should regularly clean the shears. Clean the rails with solvent and wipe the blade with an oil-moistened cloth (to remove metal dust) periodically, depending on dirt accumulation. Also, lubricate the internal screw connections regularly. If the blade becomes rusty or scratched, gently clean it with oilstone. Adjust screws if the shears become loose, ensuring easy opening and closing.

The D16L offers two options: for display purposes, choose the D16L-SB model, which comes with a cardboard blister pack for easy hanging display. For practical use, select the D16L model to save costs, as it does not include the blister pack.

SKU Add Cutting capacityOverall lengthBlade length
1.2 inch240mm40mm
1.2 inch240mm40mm
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