Screwdriver ELORA 545-IS, blade length from 75 to 300mm

SKU: 545-IS

For plain slotted screws, the ELORA 545-IS offers blades ranging from 75 to 300mm, forged with matt chrome and gunmetal finishes, featuring QUATROLIT®-2C nonslip handles and complying with DIN ISO 2380-1 and 2380-2 standards.


Screwdriver ELORA 545-IS series stands as a significant advancement in tools for plain slotted screws, offering a wide range of blade lengths from 75 to 300mm to suit various professional and DIY needs.

Screwdriver ELORA 545-IS, blade length from 75 to 300mm

At the core of this series is its matt chrome plated, forged blade, enhancing both the tool’s aesthetic and durability. The choice of ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 59CrV4 / 1.2242 steel ensures strength and resilience, enabling the screwdrivers to withstand heavy usage.

Screwdriver ELORA 545-IS, blade length from 75 to 300mm

Through hardening, a key manufacturing process, significantly boosts the overall toughness of these tools, ensuring they maintain their integrity under high stress. The gunmetal finish on the blade edges adds a sleek look while contributing to durability.

– Use: For plain slotted screws
– Blade Length Range: From 75 to 300mm
– Blade: Matt chrome plated, forged
– Material: Made from ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 59CrV4 / 1.2242
– Hardening: Through-hardened for durability
– Blade Edge Finish: Gunmetal
– Handle: Nonslip QUATROLIT®-2C
– Additional Feature: Includes suspension hole
– Standards Compliance: DIN ISO 2380-2 (blade body), DIN ISO 2380-1 (blade tip)

A standout feature is the nonslip QUATROLIT®-2C-handle, designed for comfort and efficiency. This handle provides a firm grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use, and makes it easier to apply the necessary torque. Screwdriver ELORA 545-IS series includes a suspension hole for convenient storage, keeping them easily accessible for users.

Compliance with DIN ISO 2380-2 for the blade body and DIN ISO 2380-1 for the blade tip reflects ELORA’s commitment to quality, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

SKU Add EdgeBlade lengthOverall length
545-IS 75
0.6x3.5 mm75mm160mm
545-IS 100
0.8x4.0 mm100mm190mm
545-IS 125
1.0x5.5 mm125mm210mm
545-IS 150
1.2x6.5 mm150mm245mm
545-IS 175
1.6x8.0 mm175mm280mm
545-IS 200
1.6x10.0 mm200mm315mm
545-IS 250
2.0x12.0 mm250mm375mm
545-IS 300
2.0x14.0 mm300mm425mm
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