REMS Contact 2000 Electric soldering the smallest, strongest

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powerful 2000W electric soldering tool for professional use, featuring a 4m cable, fast heating to 900°C, and versatility with prisma and rod electrodes. Ideal for soft soldering copper tubes in trade, industry, and on-site work.


REMS Contact 2000 – the smallest, strongest and fastest unit of its kind. 2000 W soldering power. 4 m long soldering tongs cable. Compact, powerful electric tool for soft soldering. With safety transformer. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop.

The REMS Contact 2000 Electric Soldering Unit stands out as the most compact, efficient, and rapid solution for soft soldering tasks. It harnesses 2000W of power for high-performance soldering, featuring a 4m long cable for extended reach and flexibility. Designed for both trade and industrial use, it’s ideal for on-site and workshop applications. Its notable characteristics include a lightweight, compact design for easy transport and use, with dimensions of 210×150×140 mm.

This unit quickly reaches a significant heating capacity of 900°C, enabling super-fast soldering times, such as soldering Ø 18 mm pipes in just 18 seconds. It’s designed for universal application, including working in confined spaces, thanks to its rod electrodes and a flexible cable protector hose that enhances durability. The soldering process is simplified with no need for current adjustment, offering a broad working radius and readiness for immediate use upon connection to a power source.

Máy hàn ống đồng REMS Contact 2000

Handy, compact. Favourable weight, small in size for work and transport. L×W×H: 210×150×140 mm. Enormous heating capacity (900°C) ensures super-fast soldering. Rated power = Soldering capacity = 2000 W! Soldering time, e.g. for Ø 18 mm in only 18 s.

Can be used anywhere, with rod electrodes in tight spots also. Ready to solder any time, to be connected to a socket only. No adjustment of soldering current necessary. Wide work radius thanks to 4 m cable length. Flexible cable protector hose.

REMS Contact 2000 electrical data

Electrode versatility is a key feature, with prisma-electrodes for general use and special rod-electrodes for tight spaces, all made from durable stainless steel for longevity and ease of replacement. The electrical specifications include a rated voltage of 230V, a power input of 2000W, and a control voltage of 24V, ensuring safety and efficiency with a protection class of IP 34.

Indifferent to temperature influences electric control of soldering current. Prisma-electrodes for universal use, maximum use through favourable seat. Rod-electrodes for working in tight spots. Electrode holders and bolts in stainless steel. Electrodes can be easily replaced.

  • Rated voltage (mains voltage) 230 V
  • Rated power input 2000 W 2000 W
  • Rated frequency 50 – 60 Hz
  • Rated current 8,7 A
  • Protection class I
  • Control voltage 24 V
  • Secondary no-load voltage 7 V
  • Secondary rated voltage 7 V
  • Secondary rated current 250 A
  • Shutoff operation AB S3 15%
  • (AB 0.5 / 3 min)
  • Protection class IP 34

Supply format REMS Contact 2000.

Electric soldering unit for soft soldering of copper tubes Ø 6–54 mm, Ø 1⁄4–21⁄8″. 230 V, 50–60 Hz, 2000 W, control voltage 24 V. Soldering pliers with 4 m cable length. Safety transformer, 2 prism electrodes. In a carton.

The REMS Contact 2000 is specifically tailored for soft soldering copper tubes ranging from Ø 6–54 mm (¼–2⅛ inches), making it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking fast, reliable soldering performance in various settings. The unit comes complete with soldering pliers, a 4m cable, safety transformer, and two prism electrodes, all packaged in a convenient carton for storage and transport.

Soldering pliers with 4 m cable length, safety transformer, 4 prism electrodes, 2 rod electrodes, 250 g quality soft solder REMS Lot Cu 3, 250 g quality soft solder paste REMS Paste Cu 3, 1 tubing cutter REMS RAS Cu-INOX 3-35, pack of 10 cleaning pads REMS Cu-Vlies. In sturdy steel case.

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