Precision dial indicator ELORA 1555 measuring range 0-10mm


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ELORA 1555 is a highly accurate dial indicator with a 0-10mm range and 0.01mm precision, featuring a secure 8mm h6 clamping shank and adjustable tolerance marks for precise measurements. Durable stainless steel construction and protective case make it ideal for detailed industrial tasks. Made in Germany.

Available on backorder


ELORA 1555 mechanical dial indicator stands out as a precision tool engineered to measure distances from 0 to 10mm with an exceptional accuracy up to 0.01mm. Accommodated in a plastic case with foam padding, it ensures safe storage and transport. This indicator is furnished with an 8mm diameter clamping shank, which provides the versatility and accuracy needed for measuring intricate objects.

Precision dial indicator ELORA 1555 measuring range 0-10mm

The precision of this tool is further emphasized by its clamping shank of 8mm h6 – a size machined to meet h6 tolerance standards, offering a secure fit and minimal deviation in measurement setups. This specific feature is crucial for tasks that demand high precision and consistency.

Precision dial indicator ELORA 1555

In addition, ELORA 1555 features adjustable tolerance marks. These marks serve as a quick reference for users to set and identify specific tolerances, streamlining the process of achieving precision in manufacturing and quality control operations. This adaptability makes it a valuable asset in various industrial settings, enhancing the tool’s functionality in precise measurements.

  • Measuring Range: 0-10mm
  • Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Clamping Shank: 8mm diameter, h6 tolerance
  • Storage Case: Durable plastic with foam padding
  • Adjustable Tolerance Marks: For quick identification and setting of specific measurement tolerances
  • Body Material: Stainless steel for longevity and stability
  • Dial Diameter: 58mm
  • Weight: 274g
  • Origin: Made in Germany

Constructed with a robust stainless steel body, ELORA 1555 ensures lasting durability and steadfastness in measurement tasks, contributing to maintaining high precision over extensive use.

Precision dial indicator ELORA 1555 not only offers precision and dependability but also is a user-friendly tool for a wide range of professional tasks. Combining high-quality construction with superior functionality, this tool is ideally suited for tasks that require accurate, detailed measurements. Whether in the realm of industrial manufacturing or delicate quality control, the ELORA 1555 is the prime choice for professionals seeking meticulous precision.