Pipe wrenches Aluminum Handles PW-AL, MCC-Made in Japan


Drop forged Aluminum handle features both heavy duty strength and ultra light weight. Full floating hook jaw with spring suspension for easy grip and release. Special feature for larger diameter capacity. MCC – Made in Japan.


Aluminum Pipe Wrenches PW-AL series, a remarkable addition to your toolkit. These pipe wrenches combine heavy-duty strength with the lightweight advantage of an aluminum handle, making them an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Manufactured in Japan by MCC (Made in Japan), renowned for their precision engineering and exceptional quality, these wrenches are built to deliver superior performance and durability.

The PW-AL series features a full floating hook jaw with spring suspension, providing an effortless grip and release mechanism. This innovative design ensures that the wrench securely locks onto pipes of various sizes, allowing for efficient and reliable pipe manipulation. Whether you’re working with plumbing installations, repairing pipelines, or tackling industrial applications, these wrenches will meet your demands with ease.

Each model within the Pipe Wrenches PW-AL series offers a different size and capacity, catering to a range of pipe diameters. From the compact PW-AL25 with a capacity of 34mm (1″) to the robust PW-AL90 capable of handling pipes up to 102mm (3.1/2″) in diameter, you can choose the wrench that suits your specific needs. Furthermore, the weights of these wrenches have been carefully optimized, ensuring a perfect balance between strength and maneuverability.

Model Size Capacity Outer Dia Weight
mm inch
PW-AL25 250 10″ 34mm 0.50
PW-AL30 300 12″ 43mm 0.70
PW-AL35 350 14″ 49mm 0.95
PW-AL45 450 18″ 61mm 1.55
PW-AL60 600 24″ 77mm 2.45
PW-AL90 900 36″ 102mm 5.00

Pipe wrenches Aluminum Handles PW-AL

The standout feature of these pipe wrenches is undoubtedly the lightweight yet durable aluminum handle. The use of aluminum not only reduces the overall weight of the wrench, making it easier to handle and carry, but it also provides excellent corrosion resistance. This ensures that your PW-AL wrench will withstand the test of time, even in challenging working environments.

When you choose an MCC PW-AL Aluminum Pipe Wrench, you can have confidence in its performance and reliability. These wrenches are designed and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, the PW-AL series offers the perfect combination of strength, lightweight design, and Japanese craftsmanship to meet your pipe wrenching needs.

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