Socket set ELORA OKLAMU square driver 1/2″, 27pcs


27-piece socket set includes wrenches and sockets in various sizes, stored in a black metal case, conforming to DIN and ISO standards. Two variants, weighing 5000g and 4800g, cater to diverse applications. Made in Germany


ELORA OKLAMU Socket Set, with a square driver of 1/2 inch, includes a comprehensive collection of 27 pieces, meticulously organized in a durable black metal storage case featuring a plastic insert. This set is designed following the DIN 3120 and ISO 1174 standards for square drives, ensuring compatibility and precision in a wide range of applications. Additionally, the operation tools comply with DIN 3122 and ISO 3315 standards, further testament to the set’s professional-grade quality.

ELORA OKLAMU 27-piece socket set includes wrenches and sockets in various sizes, stored in a black metal case

This set is equipped with two main variants distinguished by their code numbers and specific components. The first variant, with the code number 0770530422000, features the 770-OKLAMU Reversible Ratchet alongside a selection of bi-hexagon sockets sized from 10mm to 32mm and in AF sizes from 7/16 to 1 inch. It also includes a sliding T-bar, two extension bars (125mm and 250mm), and a universal joint, collectively weighing 5000 grams.

Socket set ELORA OKLAMU square driver 1/2

The second variant, identified by the code number 0771520422000, includes the 771-OKLAMU Reversible Ratchet paired with hexagon sockets that mirror the sizes of the first variant. This configuration also comprises the same assortment of accessories, such as the sliding T-bar, the two extension bars, and the universal joint, with a slight variation in total weight at 4800 grams.

Both sets represent an essential toolkit for professionals and enthusiasts who demand precision, durability, and versatility in their work. Whether for automotive repair, construction, or DIY projects, the ELORA OKLAMU Socket Set offers a reliable solution to meet a variety of fastening and loosening requirements.

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