Middle Frequency Quick Heater 44kW – V3.0 – Betex Holland


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Available on backorder


Middle Frequence -GENERATOR 3.0 – 44kW

  • Compact design with large 7″ display
  • Heats according to preset temperature/time curve
  • Shows temperature development in chart form
  • Option of logging the heating cycle
  • Log function to store data or export to a USB-stick
  • Smart electronics ensure optimal operating frequency
  • Adjustable power control
  • Advises user on optimal heating (more/fewer windings)
  • Dual temperature sensing (monitoring ΔT)
  • Option to operate several heaters together

Product specifications

Power kW 44

  • Ampere 63
  • Accuracy °C 3.5
  • Temperature sensor max 300°C Yes
  • Extra thermo couple input Yes
  • Generator mm 600x650x580
  • Delta T Yes
  • Trolley: Option
  • Display mm: 7
  • Heating curve in display Yes
  • Setpoint power Yes
  • Setpoint temperature Yes
  • Setpoint temperature curve Yes
  • Setpoint timer: Yes
  • Select operating mode: Yes
  • USB connection: Yes
  • Network connection: Yes
  • Heat log: Yes
  • Signalling by operational state Light option
  • Signalling by error message Acoustic signal/light option
  • Signalling by end heating cycle Acoustic signal