LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS closed case tape, fibreglass tape

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Shatter-proof PC/ABS housing, lightweight fibreglass tape, and a universal SPIKES hook for versatile mounting. Ergonomically designed for easy use, it offers accurate measurements with a metric scale. STABILA


LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS closed case tape measure is designed for professionals requiring reliable tools for measuring long distances. This tape measure stands out for its combination of durability, flexibility, and precision.

Constructed with a shatter-proof PC/ABS housing, it incorporates a shock-absorbent soft grip casing to withstand heavy impacts, making it ideal for rigorous daily use. The fibreglass tape is not only lightweight but also exceptionally sturdy, ensuring that damage from bending is minimized with STABILA’s KINK PROTECTION technology.

LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS closed case tape LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS closed case tape

One of the key features of the LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS is the STABILA UNIVERSAL SPIKES HOOK, which offers versatile mounting options. Whether you prefer the fold-out metal hook with the SPIKES coating, the integrated eyelet, or the large plastic ring with a nail notch, this tape measure provides a secure hold in various situations. The SPIKES coating on the hook ensures the tape does not slip, even on smooth surfaces or over longer distances, enhancing measurement accuracy.

LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS closed case tape, fibreglass tape

The tape measure is designed for ease of use, with an ergonomically shaped housing that fits comfortably in hand. The cleverly designed plastic ring allows for simple addition to measured lengths, providing clear demarcations for quick calculations. The zero point is conveniently located at the start of the tape clasp, facilitating accurate measurements from the very beginning.

– Type of scale: One-sided
– Scaling: cm
– Accuracy class: EC Class III
– Design approval: Yes
– Hook: Universal SPIKES hook
– Blade length options: 20 m, 30 m
– Blade width: 13 mm
– Start of measurement: W (from fitting edge)
– Housing: Shatter-proof PC/ABS with shock-absorbent soft grip
– Tape material: Hard-wearing fibreglass with STABILA KINK PROTECTION
– Mounting options: Fold-out SPIKES hook, eyelet, large plastic ring with nail notch
– SPIKES coating: Prevents slipping, enhances grip
– Zero point: At the start of the tape clasp
– Ergonomically shaped housing for comfortable use

Available in 20 m and 30 m lengths with a 13 mm blade width, the LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS caters to a wide range of measurement tasks. Its one-sided metric scaling (in centimeters) and EC Class III accuracy make it a reliable choice for professionals measuring long and wide distances across various industries.

LBM 2000 FIBREGLASS closed case tape measure is an indispensable tool for professionals who value durability, flexibility, and accuracy in their measuring instruments.

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