The Fervi MGx CORUNDUM Grinding Wheel comes in a range of grit sizes from G36 to G80


The Fervi MGx CORUNDUM Grinding Wheel comes in a range of grit sizes from G36 to G80. This hard steel grinding disc is constructed from Corundum (AlOx) material and is equipped with concentric reduction rings, making it suitable for use with various stationary machines. It is an authentic Fervi Italia product, known for its high-quality standards.


Grey Corundum Grinding Wheel” is a type of grinding disc used to grind tough materials like hardened steel. Equipped with concentric reduction rings, it can easily adapt to different stationary machines.

With its advantages, the Grey Corundum grinding wheel is suitable for processing stainless steel, removing rust, and roughening surfaces. It is also very effective for roughing and smoothing steel materials.

Thanks to the properties of grey corundum, this grinding wheel is particularly suitable for abrasive and polishing applications. With a variety of sizes and shapes, it can be used on various types of machinery and in various industries, including metalworking, machine fabrication, automotive manufacturing, and ceramic production.

With the Grey Corundum Grinding Wheel, you can ensure high abrasive and polishing performance, helping create precise and finished surfaces for your steel products.

What is Corundum, and why is it so special?

Corundum is a natural or synthetic mineral with aluminum oxide (Al2O3) as its main component. It is one of the hardest materials found in nature, slightly less soft than a diamond. Corundum has a hexagonal crystal structure and comes in various colors, including gray, red, blue, yellow, green, and white.

In nature, corundum is typically found in the form of crystals within rock veins or alluvial deposits. Corundum crystals can be used as gemstones, including rubies (red) and sapphires (blue), depending on color and impurities that create the hue.

Corundum has wide applications in industry. With its good mechanical and chemical properties, it is used as a refractory material, wear-resistant material, drill bits, grinding wheels, and electronic components. Additionally, corundum is used in the production of ceramics, grinding stones, and advanced technologies like light and heat sensors.

While natural corundum is highly valuable, synthetic corundum can be produced at a lower cost and is widely used in industrial applications.

What is Grit, and how important is it for grinding stones?

Grit is an important parameter describing the size and fineness of abrasive particles in a grinding stone. It is usually measured by the number of abrasive particles in a unit area or weight. Higher grit values correspond to smaller particle sizes and finer abrasives, while lower grit values indicate larger particle sizes and coarser abrasives.

Grit is crucial for grinding and polishing processes because it directly affects cutting performance and the efficiency of grinding tools. Different grit sizes are used for various applications. Here are some examples:

  • High Grit (small grit): Suitable for polishing and fine finishing of surfaces that require high smoothness, such as precision metalworking or polishing sapphire.
  • Medium Grit: Suitable for grinding and roughening surfaces, removing cracks and worn layers, or sharpening cutting blades.
  • Low Grit (large grit): Ideal for fast grinding, roughening surfaces, or quickly removing material.

Choosing the appropriate grit size is a critical factor in achieving the best grinding and polishing results. Higher grit sizes typically produce smoother surfaces, while lower grit sizes often provide faster grinding speeds.

SKU Add DimensionsGritMax speed
150x20x32mm364500 rpm | 35 m/s
150x20x32mm464500 rpm | 35 m/s
150x20x32mm604500 rpm | 35 m/s
150x20x32mm804500 rpm | 35 m/s
200x20x32mm363350 rpm | 35 m/s
200x20x32mm463350 rpm | 35 m/s
200x20x32mm603350 rpm | 35 m/s
200x20x32mm803350 rpm | 35 m/s
200x25x32mm363350 rpm | 35 m/s
200x25x32mm463350 rpm | 35 m/s
200x25x32mm603350 rpm | 35 m/s
200x25x32mm803350 rpm | 35 m/s
250x25x32mm602650 rpm | 35 m/s
250x25x32mm802650 rpm | 35 m/s
250x25x32mm363350 rpm | 35 m/s
250x25x32mm462650 rpm | 35 m/s
200x40x20mm803350 rpm | 35 m/s
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