Chisel and punch set ELORA 266KS, 6 pcs in plastic holder


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It includes octagonal flat and cross-cut chisels, drift punches, and a center punch, all fully hardened, inductively tempered, sharpened, oiled, and with black-coated shafts for durability and precision.

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ELORA 266KS Chisel and Punch Set is a six-piece kit, each piece securely housed in a durable plastic holder, designed for ease of transport and protection of the tools. This set is a testament to ELORA’s commitment to crafting tools that combine functionality with lasting durability.

Each tool in the set is completely hardened, with striking heads that have been inductively tempered to resist the wear and impact from repetitive strikes. This process ensures that each chisel and punch can maintain its shape and effectiveness over many uses.

The working edges of the tools are sharpened and oiled, reflecting a readiness for immediate use and a reduced need for maintenance. This attention to detail provides users with a smoother experience and aids in achieving precise results in their metalworking tasks.

Chisel and punch set ELORA 266KS

The set features a black-coated shaft across all pieces, adding a layer of corrosion resistance and enhancing the tool’s longevity. The octagonal shape of the chisels ensures a firm and comfortable grip, which allows for accurate control during use.

– 6-piece chisel and punch set
– Housed in a plastic holder for protection and organization
– Fully hardened and striking heads inductively tempered
– Working edges are sharpened and oiled for immediate use
– Shafts are black coated for corrosion resistance
– Includes:
262-125 and 262-150 Flat Chisels, octagonal
263-125 Cross-Cut Chisel, octagonal
264-120 x 10 x 4 mm and 264-120 x 12 x 4 mm Drift Punches
265-120 x 10 mm Centre Punch
– Manufactured in Germany for superior quality

Every piece is meticulously made in Germany, a country known for its engineering prowess, ensuring that the ELORA 266KS Set stands up to the expectations of quality and reliability. Whether for professional tradesmen or for use in home workshops, this chisel and punch set is built to handle a variety of tasks with precision and ease.

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265- Select Centre punch ELORA 265, according to DIN 7250 Centre punch ELORA 265, according to DIN 7250

It features a durable, hardened body with an inductively tempered head and a sharp, oiled edge. The black-coated shaft is crafted from robust Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium steel, available in various sizes for precise indentation work.

263- Select Cross-cut chisel ELORA 263, octagonal - Made in Germany Cross-cut chisel ELORA 263, octagonal - Made in Germany

For metal work – Completely hardened and tempered – Striking head inductive tempered – Working edge sharpened and oiled. Shaft black coated – ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium 59CrV4 / 1.2242.

264- Select Drift punch ELORA 264 according to DIN 6458. Made in Germany Drift punch ELORA 264 according to DIN 6458. Made in Germany

Tool made from ELORA-Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium steel. It features an inductively tempered striking head, a sharpened and oiled working edge, and a black-coated shaft for corrosion resistance.

262- Select Flat chisel ELORA 262, octagonal for metal work, made in Germany

ELORA 262 flat chisel series, forged from ELORA-Chrome-Vanadium steel, offers durability and precision for metalwork, with a range of sizes and weights to suit diverse tasks. Made in Germany.

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