Angle measuring bevel ELORA 1567H with rotating wooden handle

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ELORA 1567H bevel square, designed for angle measurements, is applied in the building design industry and beyond. Crafted from high-strength forged steel with a rotating wooden handle for a comfortable grip, this genuine ELORA product is manufactured in Germany.


ELORA 1567H angle measuring bevel is a precise and flexible tool, specially made for artisanal and construction professions. It represents an elegant blend of traditional materials and modern engineering, catering to the accurate measurement needs of various angles in diverse applications.

Angle measuring bevel ELORA 1567H with rotating wooden handle

ELORA 1567H comes in three sizes: 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm, allowing users to select the perfect size for their specific requirements.

This product is designed as a sliding bevel, ideal for measuring and transferring accurate angles. It is an indispensable tool for carpenters, builders, and designers.

Angle measuring bevel square 200-300mm ELORA 1567H

The handle is made from durable oak wood, with a flexible rotation and equipped with brass fittings. The combination of wood and brass not only looks elegant but also ensures durability and comfort in use.

– Purpose: Designed for accurate angle measurement.
– Material: High-strength forged steel for durability.
– Handle: Wooden with flexible rotation for ease of use.
– Fittings: Equipped with brass for added elegance and strength.
– Available Sizes: 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm options to suit various tasks.
– Design: Sliding bevel square for precise angle transfer.
– Blade: Heat-treated hard steel with a blue finish for long-lasting use.
– Locking screw: Ensures fixed angles for consistent accuracy.
– Manufactured: Authentically by ELORA in Germany.
– Versatility: Ideal for carpenters, builders, and designers in professional settings.

The blade of the bevel is made from heat-treated hard steel with a blue finish, ensuring long-lasting durability and capacity to withstand force. The hardened steel blade maintains high precision over time.

The square includes a locking screw, allowing users to securely fix the angle once adjusted to the desired position, enhancing accuracy and stability during use.

ELORA 1567H angle measuring bevel is the perfect choice for those needing an accurate, robust, and user-friendly angle measurement tool. Its fusion of traditional design and modern materials not only makes it functional for work but also adds aesthetic value.

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