Adjustable Wrench Al-Cu, non-sparking tools

SKU: 60A-Al-Cu

With hardness of 25-30HRc and tensile strength of 782-989 N/mm², it is suitable for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, drilling, and firefighting industries. It is non-magnetic and explosion-proof, ensuring safety in hazardous environments.


Adjustable Wrench Al-Cu, non-sparking tools. The Adjustable Wrench Al-Cu is a non-sparking tool made from Aluminum-Bronze (Al-Cu) alloy. It is specifically designed for environments where the presence of sparks can pose a potential danger of explosion and fire. Here are the key characteristics and applications of this tool:

  • Hardness: 25-30HRc (229 ~ 291 Brinell)
  • Tensile Strength: 782 N/mm² ~ 989 N/mm²
  • Extensibility: ɗ > 5%
  • Elasticity limit: 450 ~ 550 N/mm²
  • Magnetic: 1.2
  • Non sparking
  • Explosion proof
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Higher heat resistance than Beryllium-Copper
  • relatively light weight

Applications Aluminium-Bronze

  • Chemical industries
  • Petro refine ies
  • Oil and gas carriages
  • Pipeline business
  • Drilling platforms
  • Fuel service (cleaning etc.)
  • Gas and electricity works
  • Varnishing
  • Federal armed forces, army
  • Civil defence and civil protection
  • Fire department
  • You can use it on all places where sparks create potential danger of explosion and fi e. For the activities which require the use (application) of a hundred percent non-magnetic and extremely rustproof tools.

This wrench is ideal for activities that require the use of tools that are 100% non-magnetic and extremely rustproof. Its non-sparking properties make it suitable for use in potentially hazardous environments. Additionally, its high wear-resistance and heat resistance contribute to its durability and reliability in demanding industrial settings.

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600mm24 inch
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