VibChecker VC200 vibration meter – BETEX Netherlands


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Vibrations are often the result of mechanical problems in industrial machines. When integrated into your normal maintenance activities, periodic vibration measurement with VibChecker will go a long way to help keep your equipment operational.
The VibChecker combines handiness and ease of use with affordability and durability. Suitable for both new and experienced users, the VibChecker covers the basic vibration monitoring needs in your maintenance activities.
– Lightweight and compact instrument for vibration measurement in a frequency range of 10-1000 Hz.
– Immediately following the measurement, the results are assessed automatically according to ISO standards.
– The results can be saved for subsequent follow-up.
– Green-yellow-red LEDs indicate the severity of the vibrations measured.
– A real-time FFT spectrum displays the vibration components for easy error pattern recognition.
– The results can be saved for subsequent reporting and follow-up.
– Built-in accelerometer.
– Convenient button operation and large display.
– Clear symbols