Electric hydraulic pump BETEX EP 18S 230V Oil volume 4000ml


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Electric hydraulic pump Motor 50/60Hz Single phase, Oil volume cm3/min.@60Hz in 0 Bar 4000ml, maker BETEX Netherland


Electric pump 120V or 230V, 5A, 50/60 Hz universal  induction motor, thermal protected

Very quiet (about 80dBA at 700 Bar)

Remote control incl cord (3m)

Automatic overload-relief valve (700 bar) protects components in hydraulic systems and ensures safe operation

Specially designed EP18D is for double-acting cylinders without the need for extra controlling valve and adapters

Type EP18SS and EP18DS are fitted with a solenoid valve

  • Operation: Single acting
  • Motor: 230V 50/60Hz Single phase
  • Oil volume cm3/min.@60Hz in 0 Bar: 4000ml
  • Valve type: 2pos./2way


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